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Audience 2010

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Interim Report 1: Approach
Factors to examine, rule out, include while seeking causes behind the recent lack of growth (actually, decline) in audience for Public Radio, with emphasis on the search for opportunities allowing reinvigoration.

Interim Report 2: XM & Sirius
Are XM and Sirius the culprits behind the stall in audience growth for Public Radio?  A key finding of Interim Report 2 is that "listening to XM and Sirius is not the cause of public radio's lost audience momentum."  The authors posit that these satellite services are under-utilized vehicles of opportunity for reinvigorating Public Radio's public service.

Interim Report 3: Reliability & Integrity
Is the messenger the problem resulting in only an apparent drop-off in audience over the past two years?  Asking critical questions about the methods behind any research is crucial to interpretation of findings.  In Interim Report 3, the authors report that while Arbitron methodology, sampling, and response are not without flaws, the measurement is not the root cause of the loss in audience estimated for Public Radio.

Interim Report 4: An Historic Loss of Momentum
Interim Report 4 can serve as our wake-up call:  Something has happened to audience growth that we have not seen before, and it will likely impact Public Radio's future.  The report authors, after describing the historic loss of momentum, explore the ramifications and implications, especially the financial ones, for stations.

Interim Report 5: Historic Sources of Growth
Those of us who believe that young college graduates have deserted public radio, or that the decline in radio listening is to blame for the recent loss of momentum, or that Gens X & Y are disinterested in today's public radio, will want to take a moment to read about public radio's Historic Sources of Growth in Interim Report 5.  The last of the interim reports to review external factors is a myth-buster.

Interim Report 6: Losing Our Grip
Losing our grip on our listeners, that is, as listener loyalty has waned.  Is it stations, formats, programs, or all of the above that show evidence of the slippage?  Are recent losses due to competition, or should we be looking inwards at our own recent program creations, or at funding choices that we have made?  Have our recent answers lost their listener-sensitivity?

Interim Report 7: 21st Century Trajectories
Climber.  Cruiser.  Diver.  Each station is one of the three.  The Diver cohort accounts for public radio's loss of momentum; nationally, there has been too much Cruising and not enough Climbing recently to overcome the Diving.  There is no magic potion that will change the trajectory of a Diver into a Cruiser or a Cruiser into a Climber -- it's not a format or a program that will be the fix, but you knew that already.  Instead, the authors suggest a renewed focus on the hard work of strengthening loyalty.

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