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RRC News: Public Radio Listeners Like Smart Speakers & Internet Audio
Whether it's Smart Speaker ownership or use of internet audio, Public Radio listeners outpace the U.S. Population.

RRC News: Fish Where The Fish Are
A look at hourly PUMM (Persons Using Measured Media).

RRC News: Stations And Formats Differ Greatly, Weekdays vs. Weekends
A look at how Weekday vs. Weekend listening impacts overall listening.

RRC News: Michael Cohen Hearing On February 27th
The Michael Cohen Hearing and special coverage carried by many stations brought in more listeners and increased listening to public News stations as a whole.

RRC News: Public radio listeners are using a variety of audio and video streaming services.
A look at the Streaming Services used by the Public Radio Cume Audience using Scarborough USA+ national data.

PPM Highlights for January 2019
Listening is AQH Persons, not AQH Share!

PPM Highlights for Holiday 2018
A look at PUMM for the Holiday 2018 survey.

Impact of 9/27/18 Kavanaugh Hearing
On Thursday, September 27th, NPR and other networks offered special coverage of the additional day of hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Out of the 36 stations that responded to RRC's question regarding carriage of special programming on September 27th, 35 answered "Yes." Did the public radio audience respond positively to this programming change?

2018 Public Radio Format Breakouts (PPM Markets)
RRC selected four public radio formats (News, Classical, AAA and Jazz) in PPM markets and created "baselines" for several different Nielsen audience estimates. These four reports show the stations averages across each format from July 2017 through June 2018. Also included are the highest and lowest station 13-month averages (Min & Max) for each estimate. Enjoy!

Election 2016 Report
2016 was a great year for NPR News Stations.

Audience 2010
RRC contracted with George Bailey of Walrus Research for an exhaustive data analysis. He worked with David Giovannoni of AudiGraphics Inc.

eRANKS - Public Radio
For Nielsen PPM and Diary markets, RRC presents the top Public Radio Subscribing Stations ranked by Metro AQH Persons, Metro AQH Share, Metro Cume Persons and Metro Cume Rating (Monday-Sunday, 6AM-Midnight, P 12+).

eRANKS - Non-Commercial Religious Stations
For Nielsen PPM and Diary markets, RRC presents the top Non-Commercial Religious Subscribing Stations ranked by Metro Cume Persons, with additional data for Metro AQH Persons, Metro AQH Share and Metro Cume Rating (Monday-Sunday, 6AM-Midnight, P 12+).

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